Amandeep Kaur.

I am a British Sikh woman born and brought up in the UK.  I love the UK and consider it to be my home.  Having said that I am and always have been very proud of my Sikh heritage and culture.  From the age of twelve, I was fascinated with Indian art and very inspired by work from British artists, twin sisters, Amrit and Rabindra Kaur Singh.  Described as some of the most optimistic images of our multi-cultural world, the twins' work draws largely on their own British Indian experience. 

I always knew that my art would likewise be influenced by not only my British values but also my Sikh faith and culture.

I completed my A levels in Art, Philosophy & Psychology of religion and English Literature.  This further reinforced my passion for art and my interest in my own Sikh religion and my identity.  I went on to complete a foundation course in Art and Design and then a BA Hons in Visual Communication,  specialising in illustration.  


During my final years at University, the majority of my work was based on my Punjabi culture.  I experimented with textiles and embroidery to create images of everyday life in Punjab traditionally for women.  My strong Punjabi influence made my work very different to that of my peers, and although at times this had its disadvantages, I refused to follow the crowd and continued to link my artwork to my Indian heritage.

I was mesmerized by the art of henna and mandala patterns, And traditional Indian floral designs.  I practised this art passionately and enjoyed making my own beautiful intricate designs.  These designs play a huge part in my artwork today.

I wish to use my art to spread positivity, happiness and Chardi Kala vibes. (positive attitude and being in high spirit]. 

We all need to take a moment to appreciate the simple things in life and be thankful to God; during good and bad times.  Life offers blessings as well as lessons and we must embrace all.  I endeavour to touch the souls of many with my pieces which are uniquely and bespokely crafted.  

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me, my drive and my passion.  Should you be interested in creating your own individual piece of artwork, please get in touch.  

Art exhibition at 'The Little Indian Bazaar' in Birmingham.


Contact Tel: 07949 030110

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